By dogwithnobrain

Noe to Know that Somebody Loves me

I do love a bank holiday eh? 

To go to sleep on Sunday, and not worry about what the work day holds. 

To sleep in til 910 of a morning, albeit the morning after the clocks have changed. 

to wonder what to do. 

I got up, Himself dug a hole.   I baked. 

I watched a Hairy Bikers excerpt the other day... .(I can no longer watch them without sobbing at their unadulterate love of life, food and each other) ...   they watched a man make Grantham Cookies. 

Ginger I heard, Mmm, I thought. 

Found the recipe.  Got busy. 

Sent Photos through out the whole process to one of my Indian Team (Yeah, I know... ) she was most envious. (Job  Done) . 

The second batch of Grantham Cookies are darker in colour, more the colour himself was expecting.   But they are a bit lush.  Crunchy  on the outside, soft, and chewy on the inside.  

I was so inspired by the Ginger, I went on and made two ginger loafs too. 

Preet, in India said "It looks to soft, and spongy and edible"   Yes, Preet, It is. 

Sadly though, once I've  baked, I lose interest in eating, which is a good thing. 

So now  I have 28 cookies, and 2 loaves, (one with two slices out), and I'm goinng to have to take them in to work to feed everyone again. 

I did open the door to two workies, and said "Would you like a biscuit" and he said "No no you are alright", and then  he looked in and said "did you bake them?  are they just out of the oven? " 

I was so proud of myself to say "yes", and he shouted his mate back and they both took one 

I checked the pavement afterwards for any signs that they may have thrown them away. (but none) 

In Bird News.  Crows are still busy at it.  I have left them a beautiful twig in the drive. I hope they see it.   Also - the Bird Cam has been going crazy today.  Wag Tail, blue tits, robins. - and they ALL CAME IN PAIRS.  The birds are twittervating of the highest order today. 

Also - I tidied three shelves on the book case. 

And made Himself take me to a Garden centre where I did not spend any money, which is only a good thing. 

A very good day.

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