By dogwithnobrain

You know you wanna

There is something fab about starting the week on a Tuesday 

Although it was a tough day. First day of the new month; first day of the month end processes; one off sick; CFO wanting to know exactly what the numbers were going to be 

He then proceeded to tell me where they should be; I asked him then if there was any point in my being there when he had obviously decided all the answers before I had even looked at the numbers

He backed off at that point and pretty much left me alone for the rest of the day 

I also had a stupid meeting which was a meeting held to confirm that one person does one thing but without our input he can't do it.  We already knew this but he obviously wanted to scent the office with his spray 

Himself had his first real 'retirement' day 

He busied himself all day.  Bit of exercise; bit of furniture moving;  bit of organisation  but of crap TV.  Always got to have a bit of crap TV. Wouldn't be retirement if he didn't 

Cookies and gingerbread went down well. 

By end of day. One slice and one cookie.remained 

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