By BlipCommunity

April challenge - Yellow

"Yellow" by Alesia Leach

Yellow represents happiness and fun
Yellow brightens your day with the sun
Yellow can reverse a sad day's melody
Yellow can zap away your melancholy

Yellow ribbons hope for a warrior's return
Yellow heat from the fire where it burns
Yellow roses for friendship and new beginnings
Yellow music from canaries singing
Yellow a sour taste of lemon in my mouth
Yellow a sweet taste of peach from the south
Yellow butter slides across my toast
Yellow champagne bubbles tickle my nose

Yellow diamonds brighten the night sky
Yellow moonbeams wish you goodnight.

Tag your most yellow of blips dated 1st-15th April 2024 inclusive with #BCYellow (for Blip Community Yellow). Add #OK2share if you'd be happy for us to feature your image on our social media. Max 2 blips per journal. 

Thanks to Stiffknees for her beautiful siskin to get us started.

Please help spread the word if you see a great blip that could be entered. We'll feature our favourites at the end of the month.

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