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Yellow challenge - results

This little chipmunk courtesy of KangaZu brings you the results of the April challenge. 

All sorts of yellow jumped off the page and brightened up some rainy days. We are delighted so many of you got involved. You can see all the images by searching the hashtag #BCYellow, but here is our roundup:

There were always going to be plenty flowers, but we were spoilt for choice. From a spray of daffodils in Glasgow, to a beautiful calla lily and prickly gorse by Skyegirl. Lots of you captured your flower complete with a wee beastie!

Nature continues to be a popular theme with Ingeborg's birdhouse, a bright patch of yellow lichen, and we were introduced to two Great Kiskadees from Brazil. Have you ever seen a yellow sky? It was time for Teejay to enjoy autumnal hues in New Zealand, while in the USA there was a feast of yellow butterflies.

Yellow warned us of a Sudden Drop, told us to slow down in the Netherlands and was singled out creatively by fitzbilly.

Not quite planes, trains and automobiles, but definitely a boat, transport choices in Berlin, plus a very atmospheric bus journey from LesleyAlford. 

Special mentions to:

davidc for "Man and Dog"
walkingMarj for "Can't believe it"
Munni for Yellow Fields.

Thank you for all your efforts. See you in June.

Lindsay and Cat
Community volunteers

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