By Kipsie

Feathering the nest

"Look, look, look" .... Mum is sat at the dining table facing all the action outside, me with my back to it. I need an office swivel chair. ;-) I did take up position tucked back in the kitchen doorway for this pic as I was just returning with Indie. I took multiple exposures, to hopefully get a decent shot.
Mum & I went up to the Ness Hub in Chudleigh for a little chat and look around today. Wayne, the Hub manager, is a very nice chap, Mum seemed quite relaxed & happy, so we are going to try a Taster session within the next couple of weeks to see if she would like to go there for a half day/day per week. She would'nt have enjoyed their lunch today ... meatballs, pasta, garlic bread, & coleslaw. :-(
Back to CK I was making Mum's lunch when Simon, the local plumber arrived to check on Mum's faulty shower. A little job I asked my brother to take a look at 2 weeks back. Still not had a response. Phewww! It appears that there was not much wrong. It cost me £10 but money well spent for peace of mind.  Oven baked veggies with salmon with a sweet chilli glaze, broccoli, & new potatoes .....She did'nt enjoy the lunch I cooked either. :-(  Indie was however, very happy to find sweet chilli glazed salmon for lunch.
My washing was looking extremely soggy on the washing line when I returned home. Torrential rain from 2pm onwards. Hubby was in bed, having not slept at all the previous night due to his skin itching. I did'nt get much rest either. Made a quick snack then I searched on line for a local Allergist, as the letter from NHS Dermatology dept, Torbay, did'nt look very promising. This problem is only getting worse. An allergist based in Bishopsteignton, another at Paignton, so both very convenient for a consultation. I just need to persuade hubby to go.

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