2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Plantlets again

The plantlets probably need separating and repotting now.  They've done well. In the office on my own, still in darkness, for most of the morning. My new computer did arrive mid morning and I had to give it a bit of attention as it went through the set up process. Fingers crossed it will help with the previous slow running frustrations as I grapple with spreadsheets. The lights were also fixed.  Electricians who worked in the library over the closure had forgotten to reset a fuse when they left.  Once they were able to access the right cupboard, it only took a minute to reset the switch.
Stepped out of the building to go for a lunchtime walk only for the rain to start again.  Apparently we've not had a dry week for 6 months.  
Met S in town after work and we ordered new carpet for the bedroom. It's one step towards getting the room back to some kind of order. We may be camping out in the stripped and nearly empty room for at least another month.  
Walked home with S along the canal pushing my bike so got a few steps in after all. 

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