By blipperdude

Red vs. Blue

Woke up to heavy rain, drove to work through a downpour, and then by late morning it was sunny and warm... gotta love April weather. Monty is flying home from Australia today, although it will be tomorrow evening before he finally arrives at Heathrow. Another very busy day in the office, but it is Friday so that is mostly forgiven.

Over lunch I had a play around with that old Jupiter 8 rangefinder lens sitting on my desk, experimenting with an LED lighting setup in contrasting colours. This turned out to be a lot of fun... I do find myself drawn to capturing impromptu details and still-life images these days – which fits in well with Blipping.

A while back I had the idea of putting together the smallest photographic studio I could manage – one that will fit into a single very tiny camera bag, just right for this type of work. I am getting there – I've built the kit around the Ricoh GRIII, a very tiny camera that manages to squeeze in an APS-C sensor, and produces really beautiful images. In particular it will focus down to about 6cm which allows for some useful close-up photography. Also in the bag, a pair of credit card sized SmallRig LED panels and three miniature tabletop tripods. Seems to be working out well so far :-)

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