Lost in Thought

By steveng

An inside day (SILS 392)

Some of you will know I take part in a Zoom photography discussion once a week, and this week is my turn to provide a short presentation.
We had a discussion a couple of weeks back which led me to ask what makes a good image good?   I've been thinking about that and collecting ideas together so today was the day for putting them into the slides. 

There was some great light outside this morning, but I decided to press on with the slides on the assumption the golden hour would be ok to find a blip ... not a good decision!  So my view for the day has been this ... my office desk.
Should have gone out when the light was there!  
Very Silly Saturday!

and yes - I should have dusted the desk before taking the photos :-)

Many thanks to ApolloFly for hosting the April Silly Saturday challenge in memory of Admirer.

Thanks also to you all for your visits, awards and comments - I'm not keeping up well with blip at the moment but that will hopefully improve in a week or two.

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