By Bom

Cat Burglar

This is Budge who decided to take up residence in Norwich Cathedral six years ago. I first noticed him this morning cadging some treats from the lady in the cathedral shop. Then later I was doing the excellent free tour and I spotted him on the top of the pulpit, dipping his paw into something and licking the contents off his paw. I went back into the shop after the tour to buy the book on the cathedral's history as I found it so interesting, so asked the lady about what I'd seen. Evidently even though Budge has access to water, he prefers to stroll down to the pulpit and dip his paw in the glass of water left there for whoever is speaking from the pulpit. To stop him, they put a coaster on top of the glass, but he just knocks it off! Then I saw him pushing a door open and going inside, evidently that's where his cat bed is. 

I was in Norwich today to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Theatre Royal, one of my favourite musicals as it was the first one I 'discovered'. I enjoyed it, an excellent musical and very good singers, especially the actor playing Judas. It was not a great production though, the whole performance including the interval was only two hours, so they'd cut a lot out and it was all quite frantic - not helped by continuous energetic 'interpretive dancing' by the group who were variously the disciples, the crowd, people assaulting Jesus (which was all a bit confusing). 

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