Life through the lens...

By ValC


Firstly a big thank you for all your kind comments stars and hearts for my little wren yesterday which put it on popular page one.
Not something that happens to me very often.

Today’s photo is of a wonderful Clydesdale horse which came over to show off her beautiful little foal. Turned round and off they went!
One of the highlights on our Luddite Walk today. We led the Pudseys from St Peter’s church Hartshead through Robertown and down to Mirfield and back.

The other highlight was seeing the tractor collection which Charlie said he would open up for us.( see my Blip 30th March)
I have put a collage on as an extra.
It was a real surprise for everyone.
He also brought out his Scott motorbike. Made in Saltaire , Yorkshire.
Also among his collection was a little Grey Fergie Tractor, made by David Brown company in Huddersfield, and a Jowett Truck made in Bradford.
After spending about half an hour looking round we had to then leave to carry on with the rest of the walk.
Lunch was taken sat in a lovely memorial park in Robertown. Just enough benches for 17 of us. Certainly a good turnout!

Unfortunately the second half of the walk literally went down hill!
So much mud, and so we decided to come back along the road footpath.
The sun came out and it got up to 20C!
One of our members started feeling a bit faint, and so we left her and husband at Holly Bank Trust. A trust which specialises in looking after disabled children.
They kindly brought chairs for them to sit on while MrC went back to our car, and then drive to pick them up.
Hopefully C. is now feeling much better.

Unfortunately that meant they weren’t able to join the rest of us with tea and cakes back at Bennett’s Coffee Lounge. My treat as it is my 80th birthday soon.That was another surprise for them all!

So all in all a walk we will all remember!

Can anyone tell me what the white flower is ( 2nd extra photo )
It smelt very garlicky but not like the wild garlic plant I know.

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