Wound up in Wexford

By Neatwithice

New growth

A rather long day.  W had an outpatient check up for his eyes in Waterford this morning.  I dropped him off just before 11, twiddled my thumbs in Costa and various shops and over THREE HOURS later he finally texted to ask me to pick him up!  

We ate a toasted sandwich in Costa, then went into Harvey Norman, where he was (with no great difficulty) persuaded to part with significant sums of money for a new phone - and whilst he was at it, also arranged to change his phone service provider.  They provide (at a cost) a service where they transfer all his stuff, including his apps, to the new phone, so we took them up on this, which of course meant leaving them with his old phone.  We' were told it would take a couple of hours to do the set up, and they would phone me when it was done.  

Whilst they were doing this, we went off to JYSK, where we bought a couple of chairs.  We continued to twiddle our thumbs until 6ish.  By just gone 6, we still hadn't heard, so went back to the shop.  It was in fact all done, and we paid up and came home.  W subsequently discovered that they had messaged him - on the phone that was in their hands! - to tell him the job was done.

It has been grey and drizzly all day, but despite the dire "spring" weather the plants are sprouting well.  The blip is new growth on the purple twisted hazel and the Dawn Redwood - both are trees we had in our small woodland area in the garden in Norfolk, and that we decided to plant here too.

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