Living my dream

By Mima

Busy in the sunshine

I've been flat-tack today: a beautiful sunny and balmy one. No time for looking at blips until later, or tomorrow.

The apricot trees are dropping their leaves to create a lovely carpet of colours beneath the trees. It seems a fitting end to their heroic achievements of providing me a mountain of fruit this year.

In a splendid barter for a few weeks' eggs I scored 5.5kg of minced venison, from a friend who went hunting last week. I split it into 11 packs for the freezer and look forward to eating it through the winter. 

The first veg for spring have been planted: broccoli, cabbages and cauliflowers into the tunnel house. It always makes me feel full of optimism and positivity when they have their roots in the soil, and I can watch them grow over winter.

Toodlepip for today blippers :-)

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