By Mrsmacdub

New light fitting

Our first task this morning was to make a minor adjustment to the new light fitting, which entailed each of us standing at the top of a ladder - me to hold the light fitting, MrMacD to make the adjustment.  When we’d finished I told MrMacD that’s the last time we do anything like that! 

Afterwards I did a load of washing then some household chores then another load of washing.  It was a nice sunny day with a light breeze so a good day to get washing out on the line.

I spent some time in the garden with MrMacD inspecting the pumpkins and decided one pumpkin and one butternut squash required picking and using and one pumpkin and one butternut squash could be picked and stored in the shed.  There are still more to pick but they’re not ready yet.

This evening we walked down to the Rotary dinner meeting.  After the meal the speaker told us about the book he’s written about his Dad titled Late Arrival.  It brought home, yet again, just how young these men were and the sacrifices they made in the fight for freedom.

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