Dusky Day

Temperature around +2. Moderate wind from the north. Sleeting, more or less.

At home.

Cooking with a new assistant "girl". So far everything's fine.
Some paper work for her contract of employment.

Thinking about all the possible things I could do for the mopeds' places if we happened to have the apartment very near us. The presentation of it will be tomorrow. I believe the selection of the recipient will be a day after.

I chose a candle as today's picture, because the weather in here feels so autumnal. Like we're going to the wrong direction... However, I must say that I don't miss summer now. These weathers kind of give us more time to arrange the housing issue. We wouldn't have time to do anything in the garden or travel to the country home etc. Cold weather also isn't so tiring as warm.

Only there could be less rain and strong winds.

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