By savor

2/3 Ain't Bad

About Me: Family reunion took a week to prepare for, get to, and return from. But this is why I do it.

The Shot:
My little cousins . There are typically 3. The pokey one is still eating. (Kamryn, Khloe - and Khaliah is NOT pictured) They are the most adorable things ever. After breakfast they were cold. It's freezing inside and and 1 milion degrees outside. We were on our way to visit our family's home church and grave site and honor those ancestors that went before us. I'm disappointed in my camera these days. Kamryn is a little blurry. I'm starting to wonder is it me? or is it my camera. I still have a lot to learn as far as manual focus so it's not quite time to blame the camera.

What I learned: To share. That's my blanket that I don't let anyone use. I almost wanted to tell them to go get their own but, I figured I should practice what I preach to these siblings.

What i savor:
The one that's laying down began crying when she got out the car and ran to me. She said...I'm sorry. I asked her for what? She said I dropped your candy. I have to get you some more. [lol. she tried to save a piece of candy for me but fell asleep and it fell on the floor. Priceless right? ] These are some of my best friends. They love me to death right now. I hope it's always that way. They think I can walk on water just about. Phooey they have to grow up and find out that I'm just ordinary me.

FAMILY REUNION SUMMARY: I didn't take any cool shots. i strictly took candids although I bought off camera equipment and everything. There was no time and the thing was disorganized. I have to prevent myself from being put on Kid duty at these functions. I didn't have 1 kid I had 18 to occupy and never got around to my camera activity. Next time...oh wait...that's two years from now. sigh.


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