By savor

Playing with fire or Noisy in the Dark!

I think I'm up-to-date. My family reunion threw me off and I have a couple of blank holes from before. I was shooting for everyday. I think I've gotten close. Whew! Who knew this was such hard work. But, I'm enjoying every minute of it.

The shot: The grain couldn't be helped. I can't help but to wonder what would've been different....IF I HAD A BETTER LENS (ok...I'm whining.) I haven't mastered this one...

What I learned: You can see a lot of noise in the dark. You would think that you wouldn't's possible.

What I savor: Learning about light. It's the bane of my existence right now. My lens is a 3.5 aperture. It really sucks in low light. So...when the lighting is perfect for the shot I'm taking. I'm happy.


NOW, let's see if I get a photo up today.

THANK YOU: cabbagetree(cabbage's page) for noticing that I was MIA! I didn't think anyone would notice. You're the greatest and I'm doing just fine!

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