By iaint

Something Strange

Well, this morning was like many other Wednesday mornings and I pulled on my least whiffy running gear to head out for my Midweek Workout. 

But... and it is a Big But... it was different too. It was warm. The sun was shining. It was wonderful. 

Sweaty of course, but wonderful. By the time I reached the park I was warm enough to take my top off and do my gym exercises in just shorts and teeshirt. Amazing. 

It got better. 

In the afternoon I dug my camping chair out of the cupboard for the first time this year, and sat outside in the sun. I had all my clothes on obviously, but it was pure joy. 

It lasted about 20 minutes and then Chainsaw George at No 21 brought my fun to an abrupt end. He does love to make a noise... much like the Mingers at No 15 and the Caravan Clowns at No 13. 

I am grateful anyway. Some time in the sun was a total delight. 

On the subject of total delights, the British obsession with macaroni and cheese leaves me cold, and that might be why I have never made pasta with a cacio e pepe sauce. This might be about to change after seeing a Italia Squisita clip with three versions of it - normal, idiot-proofed and gourmet. 

The gourmet one looks amazing... sign me up!

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