By dreaming

One of those days

It's been one of those days.  I had to cancel my outing with Lex because some gastric trouble started yesterday evening and continued throughout today.  But we have rescheduled.  Then I got a call saying that the date for my epidural steroid injection would have to change, and the new date is three weeks later.  Not good from a pain standpoint.  I got an Amazon delivery of the steering wheel cover, but not the gloves even though they were reported as delivered.  After an excruciating 15 minutes with customer service, I finally got a refund.  But I still need gloves!

I didn't get out of the apartment today, but this is a photo I took yesterday down on the terrace.  Apparently these wild violets are a weed, but they're pretty to look at.

Back to dialysis tomorrow.

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