By amandoAlentejo


Sort of. Our eldest, Deb, organised a surprise party for her Dad's 70th (which isn't until July, but we won't be here then). Ended up not being a total surprise, as I'd had to change our ferry dates to be here in time, but he was definitely surprised at the amount of folk she'd managed to invite, and who had made the effort to come - over seventy folk, from all eras of his life.

Sam, son-in-law, had made a superb Brazilian meal for everyone, and it was in a local craft brewery (Leviathon), so folk could get the drinks they wanted. Hours of catching up with folk - a day to remember.

- Deb and Sam's work to organise the event, what a team they are, and their kids for going along with it
- all the folk who made the effort to come, many of whom also brought homemade desserts to share
- the photographer couple, Dave and Denise, who did a superb job of recording the day - an example here, on Deb's Blip

And a happy birthday wish to our lovely goddaughter (Blipper Hamp5on), hope it was a good one, Lydie!

Oh yes, and went to bed late last night, trying to get a photo of the Northern Lights, did manage some, but not like others you'll see on Blip.

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