Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Sunset fields

Oh, all right - you can't really see the fields, because the photographer was pointing straight at the sunset, but I'm rather pleased with the atmosphere of this shot nonetheless. It catches some of the poignancy of the dark land bereft of the sunlight that is still enough to dazzle the eye, and you can see the gleam of light on the overgrown hedge and the distant field where the sheep were ... yelling, actually; that's what it sounded like.

We had intended to have a peaceful evening walk out our usual seaside road on the Ardyne, but when we got there we saw the cars that spelled at least three lots of dogwalkers and heard the roar of car and motorbike engines from the deserted oil-rig platform building site and felt it wouldn't be peaceful at all. We walked up the road past the farm instead - a wonderful, scented walk.

And a silent one ...

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