Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I decided to head out this morning for a little hike along a wetlands area that I particularly like.  I only ran into one other person during the entire time I was out which was kind of nice - felt like I had the world to myself.  Not too many insects out yet, but I did see a number of Eastern Forktail damselflies including this orange morph female who was hiding in plain sight.  Taken with my 300 lens so a pretty heavy crop.  

I also saw/heard 30 species of birds during my walk.  This is always a great location for nesting Yellow Warblers and Baltimore Orioles and I had several good looks at both although the former evaded all my best efforts to photograph them.  It was just nice to be out enjoying the sounds of nature this morning.

Meanwhile, back in the garden ... it seems that a fox must have come in under (or over) the fence last night.  Part of the garden had that skunky smell that tells me a fox has spray-marked the area.  And it also left some scat (poop) on the patio which husband disposed of.  Jax spent an inordinate amount of time sniffing everything when he and I were out later.  

I haven't rechecked the bluebird box yet but when I was down in that part of the yard, both parents were chattering at me so the box is still active.  They are a nervous pair and I won't be able to monitor this box as closely as I usually do.  

Plain dark today.  And I just mixed up a batch of Overnight Oats for tomorrow - it's our new favorite breakfast.  I use a combo of whole and steel cut oats, cinnamon, chia seeds and hemp seeds all mixed with almond milk.  By tomorrow morning, it will be ready to top with fresh berries and eat!  

And thanks to Incredibilish for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month!


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