By Brotographer


A photo from the night before (past midnight) of Mr. Mahfood.

This is a near perfect mix: Walking on a Dream.

For anybody who ever finds electronic music good but sometimes soulless or lacking in overall "musicality," I recommend you check out this collection of upbeat tunes, there's some absolutely standout tracks on here.

Stuffed myself with six samosas today at work, seems like a tradition at the IDL that happens every week or so. Man samosas are good, can't say I really eat them anywhere else...

Otherwise, it was a good day at work. Fourth charging post visited. Guess what, that's right, we couldn't use this one either... To be fair, it's only just been installed up at Tile Hill station and hasn't been turned on yet (we only knew it was there through word of mouth, it's not up on the internet yet).

Lots of packing and moving, with help from good guys Ryan and Alex. Then Andy's for some last minute tourganization. Finally, Kelsey's on the way home to say hi to a couple people hanging out there. Still, no matter how lively the place was, I went home for some sleep among the boxes.


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