By JohnW

‘J’ is for ‘Jacobean’

‘N’ is for ‘not’ or ‘near’.  This is where the silliness comes in . . .
I was certain that I had a Jacobean style beer glass from our pub days.  Maybe this is what I was thinking of, but a Jacobean glass is narrow at the bottom, and although Ravenhead did make Jacobean this is in a similar style and is one of their Barmaster range.  The handle and the top are the same.   Neither are made anymore.   My memory tells me that I ordered Jacobean from the brewery catalogue, maybe I did.
I wanted a subject starting with ‘J’ for our next Photogroup meeting.  Shall I tell them – nah, it’s near enough so that would be silly, and they don’t come on Blipfoto to find out, more is the pity.
The photo was a massive two frame photo stack.  I was surprised when I selected what to merge.  I did do my best with perspective, but its bottom still looks a bit big in this . . .

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