Arvin at Jansen Art Center Cafe

This morning Arvin and I headed up to the Jansen Art Center to pick up the four paintings I had in their spring show. We went before breakfast so we could eat there and enjoy a morning out. We ate at the cafe in the art center. Yummy! We shared a breakfast panini and a fruit and yogurt cup. Delish and not too much food. Then we picked up the paintings and headed home.

On the way we saw an ultralite flying and began to head onto country roads trying to follow it. We got way out in the fields on a rocky road and saw some country we had never seen. It was fun. We lost the ultralite though so no blip of that. Then we stopped at a big fish store and bought some flash frozen wild salmon, sword fish and black cod. We got a senior discount and the prices were good to begin with. So now we have lots of fish in our freezer. Yay!

Now it is time for quiet and relaxing. I'm enjoying this day very much. Ric is still working on the basement. We are almost ready to have the door installed. Life is good and things are moving, just the way I like it.

PS. I used the RX100 in camera watercolor and illustration filters on this photo.

And if any of you remember a photo I did awhile back called "Red Chairs", these are the same chairs.

PPS. Just realized I took the "Red Chairs" photo the day I delivered the same paintings to the Jansen Art Center. Well now...

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