Terrible Beauty and Me

What a day today!

Morning... shop for all kinds of stuff, mostly food.

Afternoon... relax awhile and sit on the deck watching and photographing birds.

5:00 attend an artists' reception at the Whatcom Museum. (This photo was taken at the reception.) It was the opening of the Nature in the Balance show at the Lightcatcher building. There is a show called Vanishing Ice that is coming in November from the Smithsonian. To prepare for that the museum decided to have a show of member artists' work on a similar theme. I and many of my colleagues at Studio UFO entered the show. (I helped a bunch of them with photographs of their pieces that met the requirements for the show.) This is me standing next to my entry in the show. My friend Eve took this photo for me. I was really impressed with the quality of the art in the show and how they hung it all. It was very diverse and they managed to present it in a way that felt organized and thematic. Very well hung. ;-)

6:30 attend the talk for the first concert of the Bellingham Festival of Music. We were actually a tad late but heard most of it. It was an interview of Michael Palmer, Artistic Director and conductor of the orchestra, Aaron Kernis, composer of Dreamsongs which was having its West Coast premier at this concert, and Joshua Roman, cellist who was playing that piece. It was a fascinating interveiw.

7:30 attend the opening concert of the Bellingham Festival of Music. What an amazing performance. The piece by Kernis was wonderful and we also heard Roman play the Tchaikovsky Variations on a Rococo Theme with the orchestra. The concert ended with Beethoven's Symphony number 3 the "Eroica." Wow!

10:30 arrive home famished. No time for dinner in there anywhere. Heated the soup that we froze way back in May when our teacher guest was here from Holland. Yum! Now it is very late but I am not sleepy. Too many great things happened today.

Getting too late to comment. Tomorrow is another day. :)

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