On our street!

More tricks with transportation on our 'street'! Steven, who is seen here driving our boat Chelsea down our street, made a special floating dock  so that we could get in our kayaks and start out from our house on the river. There is no beach where we live and you would fall in the water if you tried to step into a kayak at our regular dock!

Steven is towing the floating dock to our house. He made it himself! The funniest thing I have seen for a long time was this! He put our two dogs Asia & Chloe on the floating dock, hooked it up to Chelsea  and towed them across the river - they are usually IN our boat Chelsea with him. At the end, right when they got home Asia was barking and barking -like get me off here!! She is very attached to Steven and likes to stay close. Chloe did not seem to mind at all, "dum de dum dum dum..." . It was only a 5 minute ride and no animals were harmed in the making of this photo!!

A couple of back blips before this - use the calendar if you wish : ) I will eventually catch up to present time and I am doing it this way because I want to fill in some dates/cool photos I took!!!

p.s. this is part of the 'one street' project started by kendall, thank you. You can see all of my one street (our river) photos here.

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