dye class with Mark Sherman

Back on May 20th - I know I am so behind but I want to journal about this!! On May 20th I took a dye class (as in hand dying your own fabrics) with Mark Sherman. His website is RemarkableQuilts.com if you'd like to take a look at his amazing work. It is really hard to believe he has only been quilting since 2001.

I took this class through a local quilt guild, the Friendship Knot Quilters Guild in Sarasota. My friend Helen Lucas introduced me to the guild. Here in my blip, you are looking at one of my fabric pieces all twisted, wrapped and dyed. It is in a plastic bag and that's why there is the odd discoloration on the left side. Next up, I will show you what it turned out to look like when done - AMAZING!! Go forward to the next day . . .
I had a blast and will return to his instructions to do this again.

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