How to describe this photo and our day? That is the question...

Starting with our day.
Arvin and I had a slow start this morning. After breakfast we meandered to Village Books. We had two plans in mind: 1) take in the used books that we had collected while transforming the basement pool room into a sitting room; 2) meet our buddies at the Colophon Cafe to celebrate Gayle's show there. We drove to Fairhaven on a gorgeous sunny morning and found a parking spot close to Village Books. (Utterly amazing.) We carried four big shopping bags of books in and they took them. They said they would go through them and give the rejects to the library as a donation. Fine by us. (Later we found out they would keep one and donate the rest. Not a surprise as they were very old and not very clean.)

We walked around. I bought a book that cost way more than the $3 credit we got for the one book they kept. And then we met our friends for lunch at the Colophon. We had a lovely time talking mostly to Sue and John who were seated across from us at the table. We laughed and talked and gave Gayle a hand for her wonderful oil paintings of the Fairhaven area that were up in the booth end of the restaurant. Then we all decided to head up to the new Rocket Donut building for a donut or an ice cream cone.

That is when we encountered this alien flying over the counter in a rocket ship. His bearded face stared out of the porthole at us, looking amazingly like my sweet Arvin. Careful observation answered why. There was a camera pointing down that projected whoever was in its gaze onto the porthole. Too funny. And the decor of the new Rocket Donuts was too cool indeed. The ice cream was delicious too. I had to goof around with the photo of course. I didn't use the in camera filters but instead filters in Photoshop and Nik Software plug ins. I had fun. A cartoon subject needed to look like a cartoon. So go large if you want to see that bearded alien in all his glory.

Tonight is the second concert of the Bellingham Festival of Music. We will hear the BARTOK Divertimento for Strings, BRUCH Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor, Op. 26 - Ray Chen, violin, BARBER Canzonetta for Oboe and Strings - Joseph Robinson, oboe and the SCHUBERT Symphony #3 in D major.

PS. I should mention that that is a very large rocket hanging from the ceiling, probably 20 feet long. It is not totally clear since I fiddled so much with the photo. Here is a photo of the rocket from a different angle. It is really quite amazing.

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