Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Tiny Wings

As I type this, my kids, sitting beside me - one with my iPhone, t'other with mrs tsuken's iPad - are both playing Tiny Wings (well, to be pedantic, the one with the iPad is playing Tiny Wings HD). I grabbed it because it's free to celebrate the 5th birthday of the iThings App Store. I would suggest grabbing it - even if you don't have littlies, but especially if you do. It's really great fun.

Here, Miss 7 appears to be attempting to fly with her own tiny wings. ;-) And large. It's not the best focus (I was playing with my manual Pentax 50mm again), but I like it nonetheless.

I started today with a run, which was all good until about 4km, when I got a sharp stabbing pain in the sole of my foot. It's easily visible on my pace graph: the rest of the run had been quite a consistent pace a touch under 5:30/min, but once that happened there was a really sudden drop to a new, much lower, plateau. Running more slowly didn't help, so I took off my shoes ... that didn't help. <insert angry face here> So I walked the rest of the way home. Grumpy. Barefoot. In the cold, and on the damp grass. (I'm so tough. xP ) Mostly home, I had a little run (with cold feet, on the asphalt ... tough, remember?), and it wasn't hurting any more. So I stopped being grumpy. ;-) And I should remind myself that for the run up until that point I had been going really quite well - and doing a bit of flying myself (about 70% of time running is spent off the ground - or flying, if you like - though I'm not sure my wings (feet) could be described as "tiny").

Yesterday evening I started to look at the suggestions from PRISM-break: various open-source and private alternatives to mainstream services (email, browsing, searching, cloud storage, and so on). The language they used struck me though: it's all geared for activism, mostly. And I'm so terribly staid, and, well, normal. Happily so, but consequently I feel as though I'd be acting a bit of a plonker to avail myself of such services.

Then again, perhaps the more of us that do, the more of a statement is made about what we see as the worth of privacy and freedom.

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