By MrGreen

Where There's Smoke... There's Nasi

Camera: Smart Phone
Effects: High Contrast

Fast Food, scratch that... Medium-Paced Food. Nothing is done in a hurry in 38 degree heat.

On my way to work each morning I drive past these quickly built, but mostly empty Nasi (rice) huts. You can get a Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice - a classic), Nasi Katok (Rice Knock - old school), or simply - and usually - rice with some form of fish or chicken with a few slices of cucumber in it for around NZD .50c to $2.00.

With the fat tropical rain that came today, plus the plumes of smoke that were like a signal, and our silhouetted figure cooking up a storm while chatting on his iPhone... this easily became my Thursday Blip.

Shamefully I didn't venture out of my car for this one. Lazy or Arty (foreground/background)? That's rhetorical by-the-way.

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