By MrGreen

Melted Butter

Camera: Smart Phone
Effects: Brightness -3, Contrast 10, Saturation 25

Blipping (not 'Bleeping') Day 5:
I realized that the photo may not always come so easily, and that to get my photo de jour it may come late in the day, and in the most unorthodox way.

Now, in my experience for a successful photo of a native butterfly, simply:

(1) Have young son fall into a line of scurrying black ants and start crying.
(2) Have other son fix eyes on ant ridden brother and become unsure of his own emotions, though clearly leaning towards the crying option also.
(3) Have father push undecided, emotional son - who has now wandered to disturb the native butterfly to movement - out of the way shouting "Look out! Blip of the day" as the father then falls to his knees, Smart Phone in hand, and gets the shot.

The result is as you see.

I can't confirm whether or not my son (undecided, emotional) was responsible for the butterflies bent wing as he wandered, but as its so hot here I thought that 'Melted Butter' would be a suitable title.

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