Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

The Bell Altar, Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford

The words are engraved into the floor in front of the altar, made to mark the Millennium. Dedicated to the memory of Bishop George Bell, who courageously opposed the bombing of German cities in World War II.

A fascinating day walking around Oxford. We visited Boat Houses, The Sheldonian, the Bodleian and the "Rad Cam". Lunched in the tranquility of New College garden, followed by a walk around the Cloisters, a location for Harry Potter films.

Onwards to Christ Church, joining the queues to see inside the Quad, the splendour of the Hall, and the Cathedral. So many details, artwork and film locations to take in.

A couple of hours in the Ashmolean, loving all the artworks, especially the Pissarro collection and the Musical Instruments.

Onwards to Oxford Beach - created for the summer behind the Castle. Dined in "The Big Bang", what a selection of sausages and mash. Jazz music, artwork in creation, and bowler and top hat light fittings. A great day.

Uploading on Thurs 11th, due to lack of internet connection in Oxford.

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