By dfb24

The Boat House

I was driving through Milwaukee's East side today, on my way to pick up my nephew from his college orientation, when I saw this house. I just had to stop to photograph it, as you don't see full sized boats sitting on a normal city lot, surrounded by normal city houses very often! This "boat house" also has a small lighthouse built next to it. I went online when I got home to look it up, & here's what I found. The "house" was built in 1922 by a traveling salesman who was also a marine enthusiast. It was built to imitate a motor p0wered great lakes yacht of the 1920's era. The inside of the boat is only 500 square feet, although there is a basement as well. The man & his wife lived there until their deaths, sometime in the late 1940's, at which time it was sold & briefly lived in by another couple. It sat empty for awhile, & in 1985 an area resident purchased it & rented it out, in order to save it from being demolished & the lot used for condo units. Two & a half years ago it was sold & the present owner has done extensive repairs on it. It features the berth area (bedroom), the bow (an office), the state room (center living area), a galley (kitchen), & the mess (dining room). Neat place!

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