By treegonk

Book Sale

I was in town tonight, trying to get a pic of the St.Andrew's & St.George's Church for a friend who got married there and wanted to give a print of the church to his lady for an anniversary present. I tried last weekend and it was all grey and a smelly white van was parked in front.

Today, I turned up and there were hundreds of people there for a book sale, ruining my chances again.

But I went in and had a look - Thousands of books, some great, really old ones with ancient yellowed pages and old leather covers. I was tempted by a flight manual from a Mosquito from WWII, which actually had some of the pilot's notes in it and I loved it. But it was £50 and I didn't think I could justify that much.

Still, I got some nice pics of the whole thing from the balcony and it was a great atmosphere. Will post some on Flickr. It was the first time for ages that I have got a real buzz from taking pics.

This little old lady was lovely and I wished she was my granny. She seemed interested in the romance section, which made me smile. I should have talked to her and am regretting it now.

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