By treegonk

Drive-by V

Down to East Lothian for a tour of a distillery this afternoon and a barbeque at an old work friend's place. He lives just 100 yards away from the distillery, so the sample whiskies were not wasted.

Des, Jenny and I cooked the BBQ, while the sun shone. Then 10 minutes later the wind blew and the rain poured. We stood and barbequed under an umbrella that had to be tied to the ground to stop it blowing away. Typical Scottish barbeque, but we cooked and laughed and it was better than any barbie in a hot country.

There are lots of pics I could have used of the lovely people I work with, but I have a fascination for street pics at the moment, and this old lady (shot from the bus) seemed to jump out at me. She looked like she could move into sprint mode at any moment. (bus drive-by - a bit safer than my driving ones)

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