It's a baldy bald life!

By DrK

Man in the Tree is Looking at Me

Rosemary arrived last night. It seemed like an age since I had last seen her but it hadn't been that long. I was having a day off but we didn't have any specific plans. I suggested that we have a day out in Hebden Bridge as it's meant to be nice, but slightly alternative, a bit like me.

We arrived beyond lunchtime and R had developed her cranky I need to eat now mood. We stopped off at the Organic Cafe but I thought it was slightly below average and a bit of a disappointment. We then had a wee wander round town but R doesn't like shops unless they sell outdoor kit....She's a walking Haglof advertisement as she's won so much of their kit this year that even outdoor shops have lost some of their magnetism for her.

Then we hiked in the heat towards Hardcastle Craggs. Nothing had been planned though so when we arrived at the car park, we found there were several km of additional walking to go. I had raced an Aquathlon last night, it was boiling and I had a targeted race the following day so we decided to walk back to town. I bumped into Hathasagara (or something like that) from the Buddhist centre who I hadn't seen for ages....I was slightly embarrassed as I had forgotten his name. Being an ordained Buddhist, he was cool with it though.

Then we headed to Green's veggie restaurant for a rather decent nose bag and then back home for an early night.

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