Nothing cute

8:30pm and visiting my Grandad.

He had a stroke yesterday and this has been my first chance to get through to visit.

I was later than the advertised visiting hours, so am grateful for the graciousness of the staff team.

The degeneration of age is a cruel thing. My Grannie had her first stroke over eight years ago and the way my Grandad stuck by her and consistently (belligerently) kept going was a remarkable thing.

Even as his own frailty was increasing, he kept going until she died last year.

I think I've learned one thing about this circumstance from when it happened to my Grannie. Don't have pity. Just have love. Love will support respect, courtesy and tenderness but pity will create distance.

Many things are put in perspective in days like this. But life remains for living.

But if I don't have love? What am I?

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