Sweet Peas

We seem to have been on holiday for months.
Months and months and months!!
And it's not even been a week yet.....
Today we went to a school birthday party at a fab play centre so it was nice to see everyone again. The Little Misses had a fine old time playing with their friends.
They went on the bumper cars in a car by themselves for the first time ever which was very sweet and very funny!
Miss L had an accident pretty much as soon as we got there and - being the super efficient organised Mummy that I am - I didn't have anything for her to change into.
I cleaned out the car a bit this morning and took out at least two pairs of leggings, a (clean) pair of knickers and a dress.
What didn't I take out of the car?
Miss E's swimming costume!!!
Miss L spent an afternoon in a play centre in a long top and Miss E's swimming costume!
We almost had another mishap this afternoon which would have been more annoying. The Little Misses had spent the morning in the garden and the paddling pool getting covered in grass cuttings, leaves, twigs and insects. I left it as late as I could to get them into the bath, scrubbed and hair washed - with eight tons of conditioner to get out all the knots!
I kept nagging them to get dressed because we were in a rush to get to Tescos to buy a present for the birthday boy en route to the party.
Again, when will I learn?!!
We were just about to jump in the car and zoom off - at 1.15pm - when I happened to glance at the calendar and saw the party started not at 2pm but at 4pm!!
But at least I noticed so it was some Tom and Jerry action for the Little Misses rather then hanging around in the car park action!

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