"Beer it is a wondrous thing...

... for a pint, a shilling.
It makes the fellows mellow
and it makes the ladies willing."

It, apparently, also has the wondrous property of allowing the severely disabled not only to leave their Scooter, (Fair do's, you don't need to be totally immobile to need/use one) but it also enables the owner/driver to jettison his/her crutches.
Gaffer needed to visit the library, and do a micro-shop @ Co-op. Inevitably, particularly this weather, we partook of a libation in the Co-op Cafe, this time cold rather than the usual tea/coffee.

I'd been up to my usual pass-time of clicking around and spotted this out of the window.

The "Last orders" used to be known locally as "The bark & Squark" (As that's how we pronounce Squawk), alias The Dog and Duck. Seemingly one of the moves when trying to change the nature/clientele of a pub is to change its name.
"The Old Vic", up t'hill is now "The New Vic", DUH?!?

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