Our Neighbor

Do you remember my mentioning that I was tossing the jay's peanuts to a mother deer and her fawn? Well this is the mother. She lives quite close to our house behind our neighbor's in a nice quiet patch of woods that isn't part of a park or easy to get to. She is around our house often. Today I was looking for a blip. I was on the deck feeding the jays when I saw her meander up our yard garden between our house and the next. I stayed awhile and then decided to walk up behind our house where our street blackberry patch is. (It is officially a street, our street, but no cars can go there and you can't find our house if you use the address.) Anyhow, there she was munching on weeds, bless her. I followed her along the way and down the small street that leads to our alley. She was not moving fast. I tossed her an apple from the ground which she ate and then she moved into this spot in a circle of dark brush with a bright area behind her. Bingo! There was my blip.

This morning I played bridge for the first time in a long time. I am a substitute and nobody had taken any time off since before we were away in New York and Boston. So I jumped at the chance to play. Well I had the worst cards but who cares? I came in last and enjoyed myself majorly laughing and talking with my friends and having lunch with them after the game.

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