By Rebekah


Today was the grand house-clean before we move out. It was hot; oh so very hot. Oven cleaning is apparently very therapeutic... but also very grimy.

Pub this evening with Zahra, Helen, Harriet and others was lovely.

Lots is happening at the moment and I do sometimes feel like I'm standing still and the world is just swirling around me. The snail on the garden wall seems apt.

It's graduation tomorrow.
And also moving out of my Uni home for good, tomorrow.
Ryan's had a job offer too!
And all the while, Aimee and her family are not far from my thoughts. I still can't believe it sometimes that she is gone. I checked out the JustGiving page that Laura set up in her memory, and it has now broken the £10,000 barrier- even though Aimee is gone she is still doing so much good. It is clearer than ever how much love Aimee gave and was given through reading the truly touching messages people have written. Am thinking of all your family every day. Anyone reading this who wants to make a small donation to Keech Hospice, a charity whom Aimee loved, can find the link here.

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