And there was one...

Good day at work today. A colleague was reviewing some code and documentation I've been working on for a while. On the whole it has gone well but he did find a few things that I've corrected that would have bugged me if they had gone in and then been found...

On my way home I had a look in the pond and today's blip is the last solitary duckling in the pond. Unlike the others that got eaten this one has always been nervous, hiding in the weed and it seems like that was a good survival strategy as the other seven didn't make it... As you can see it's no longer a tiny fluff ball but a miniature duck now - though still fluffy. Go big to see the water droplets.

In town it was swimming, managed a comfortable 1250 metres, which was mostly in a empty pool except the last 250 metres when it got a bit busy.

RANT: On arriving home we discovered some postal spam (we are on the stop lists and don't usually get any) from Save Our Scenic Hampshire Downs and anonymous well funded group of anti-wind farmers. While I am personally in favour of wind farms I do believe that people are entitled to legitimate objections but when I receive anonymous factually incorrect spam in the post I don't like it. As a result I've written to the council to express my full support for the plan - something I probably wouldn't have bothered to do if the spam hadn't arrived. END RANT

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