Four horses

Four horses passed by as Pippa was in a friendly tussle with a lakeland terrier. Normally she'd be on her lead in the presence of horses, but we hadn't noticed them approaching. She didn't bother them and they, in turn, were unperturbed. One of those easy Sundays where there was nothing pressing, nowhere to go, no-one to see, just us. Bliss! It's amazing how a good dowsing yesterday has greened the lawn in less than 24-hours. Fresh and breezy today but still nice. A drop more rain wouldn't go amiss.

I need to replace my monopod but want one with a slot-in top. Most of them have screws but I threaded my existing one by continually screwing and unscrewing the camera on the mount. Have looked on Amazon but they all seem to be of the threaded type.

Had the trout tonight with hollandaise sauce, plenty for two.

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