Worm's eye view

Took the camera for a short run in the park before going to the gym this morning. The camera won. The wild flower beds are coming on nicely. Expect to see a few more like this in the coming weeks. I do like these wild flower beds and enjoyed them last year too. They lasted well in to the autumn. I took this shot for three reasons:

1. It was colourful.
2. It was easy.
3. It was colourful and easy.

I'm not sure why, but I've become a little obsessed with that Southern Comfort "Whatever's Comfortable" ad. It's partly the music and partly admiration for a bloke who's comfortable in his own shell when there's so much concern these days for image. A pity I don't like Southern Comfort.

I was looking at flowers but thinking of this. And this. Not long now.

Lots of family news this aft. Rob and his girlfriend Vicky have bought a house and Vicky has a new job. It'll all happen at the end of next month. George, meanwhile, repaired my monopod. I was mistaken about it being threaded, so no need for a new one. All this is making me feel as sunny as my blip.

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