Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Day trip...

My original photo for today of Carys had corrupted when I up loaded it, so I am afraid it is an emergency blip of our train tickets for tomorrow!

William had his last day at Goslings today. I can't believe he is too old now. Both my kids absolutely adored this pre-school and although he is excited about nursery, William was also a little sad to leave. He presented them with a book to say thank you from all of us and I handed over his three goslings t-shirts, his goslings jumper and some pants (they had asked for small pants) for their 'spares' drawer. The end of an era.

As we came out we bumped into Mr Mills, Goslings is in the grounds of his new school. That made Carys's day as she was able to give him another hug.

Dropped W at Nanna's, C and I headed to the drop-in. She was very good while we were there, dressing up but then after eating her lunch she coloured and read books quietly while I helped a couple of Mummies.

Back to pick up W and a cup of tea with Nanna, then home for tea.

Environmental health man coming round tonight to monitor the noise issue for the pitch behind our house. Fingers crossed he finds it as intrusive as we do.

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