Before the rain

Busy day today. First thing we went up to town to try and get a refund for a broken set of camping/portable tables. We got the refund but it was for 100%, they didn't want to refund 33% for the broken one and let us keep the other two that were okay.

When we got home we planned to go for a bike ride but we had a cloud burst and thought better off it. After 30 minutes it dried up so we changed and got the bikes out. We did the same loop as last weekend but I took my road bike with the new tyres I fitted. It's a tad flatter than some of the routes we normally use so it didn't feel too bad on the road bike except for the B3400 into Whitchurch which isn't too steep but it's a terrible surface. We were about two thirds of the way round the wool on a nice decent when I got stung on my leg by a bee - and I thought they were our friends...!

The blip for the day is some nice cloud formations that promised evening rain, best viewed on large for effect. Back blipped as I didn't feel like doing much after the bike ride...

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