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By shotlandka

Rock on

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I leave things far too long before getting around to them. I suspect I'm not alone in that, but this jar of fruit rock had been sitting on my desk since prehistoric times (perhaps a slight exaggeration, but not that big a one), having gone too hard to get the pieces out. I've been trying to organise my desk over the last few weeks in amongst the hundreds of other tasks, and yesterday came the turn of the jar of rock. I took it through to the kitchen, poured water in and came back at lunch time to see it partially dissolved, and immediately went for my camera. The water was pretty murky (I poured out the original water and put in new, but it was dissolving at a good speed by then, so it didn't stay clear. Only chance for photography in a very, very long day at work. But now I have 2 days off! Sadly mostly to get organised and tidy my flat for a guest from Russia coming to visit soon, but it does mean I get to back blip in the morning rather than 2 minutes before posting the following day's blip!

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