Red Eyes

While the sun was shining Mum and I took a wander round the lake and these little red eyes were watching us every step of the way. Gracefully the young black swan cygnet glided through the water surrounded in little ripples while her sister or brother followed behind. There was once a family of three cygnets with parents but today there were only two cygnets cruising the lake.

The Black Swan, Cygnus atratus, can be found widespread throughout NZ on lakes, ponds and also coastal. Born with soft grey feathers changing to brown and then to black and edged with white. Their little black eyes and beak change to bright red as they mature. They are introduced, but may also have arrived naturally and is considered a near-pest species in some areas.

I couldn't resist this one covered in tiny droplets glistening in the sun.

Grocery day and a little mall shopping for Mum and I. Daughter A had me on the hop looking for disposable cameras for a uni assignment, they are quite hard to find these days as everything is digital but we were lucky and found some Kodak ones.

Thanks for all of your lovely words, stars and favs for my little camellia yesterday, it was a quite a surprise to come home this afternoon and see it on the spotlight page :))

Best fly now, groceries to put away and a few jobs to do before the afternoon completely disappears on me - hope your all having a great Wednesday :)

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