This time 3 years ago, James and I were reviewing au pair applications and we came across Rhi's. She is Thai, a culture with which I was familiar, having done a student exchange in Thailand in 1989. I asked my Thai "sister" to do a phone interview with Rhi and to check her references. She called me the next day saying, that it was fate that we would hire Rhi. Rhi attended the same high school I had attended in Bangkok. Her references were glowing. And if I didn't hire her, my Thai sister would!

Rhi was our au pair for two years and will always be a very important member of our family. A little over a year ago, Rhi started dating Barry. Almost instantaneously, she was different in that beautiful "I am in Love" kind of way.

And fate once again came in to play today. Yesterday it was pouring rain. Today, the weather was sunny and mild. No couple could ask for better weather on their wedding day.

Rhi's parents were unable to travel here to share in this wonderful day. I had to hold back my tears as I watched James bring her down the aisle.

Bob performed his task as flower boy fairly well. He also helped me hold the Golden Gate in the Thai ceremony. But I think he enjoyed hiding in Rhi's skirt the best!

These two are a wonderful match and we proudly welcome Barry as the newest member of our family.

Here are more pictures.

And 1 year ago, here we were with Rhi in Las Vegas.

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