By Ingeborg

Mexico? No, Jezus-Eik !

Had to bring my car to the dealer's garage as I keep on getting an error message regarding the airbags. As I'm due to drive quite a bit with the car this week, moving son no 2 from Scotland to Holland I want to be sure the car is ok !
On my way back home I passed this building, which keeps on being a surprising thing to find along a road in Belgium. This morning's sky was blue enough to make you think it's in Texas or Mexico, but no, it's in Belgium, to be more precise in Jezus-Eik along the N4

Rather disappointingly the building is empty, the restaurant closed, when I saw it the first time I had been looking forward to have some TexMex food and drink. There is some renovation going on, so who knows what might happen with the building in the future ...

Still waiting for the garage to call me to say the car's ready ..

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